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My design style in short, would resemble an overall clean, modern, timeless and simplistic look. I’m not afraid of using white and I love elegant modern and simplistic fonts. I am a strong believer  that less is more and I always aim on creating something functional, yet striking. I envision every ‘small idea’ becoming a big project. It is very important to me that my clients are always involved during the design process while at the same time still trusting my expertise and experience.

My desire is to see my client’s to grow their vision as well as to instil order in their own ideas. I love the stories that ideas usually start with and I always try to incorporate it into their brand stories –I believe that these are the stories that people need to hear!

I do not believe in simply selling my time, but rather selling a solution to a client’s problem. I sell my expert advice and experience and I would encourage clients to see their branding as an investment rather than an expense. I see myself as a client’s business partner instead of only the designer.  I handle each project with care and excellence as if it were my very own brand.

My aim is to communicate efficiently and deliver excellent service punctually.

Some Of My Core Values:

1. Punctuality

2. Work Ethic And Good Communication

3. Put In As Much Effort As I Possibly Can Into Each Project

4. Displaying a positive Body Language

5. Positive Attitude That Motivates And Inspires Other

6. Energy

7. Passion

8. Being Teachable

9. Managing Client’s Expectation

10. Being Prepared

11. Vision And Order.

I believe in my clients and want to see them succeed! I am just a tool in helping my clients make their ideas come to life. I am not the perfect company. I am however a company striving and doing my best in creating a great customer experience and lasting relationship. I want long term clients and not walk by clients only.

My Process:

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